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Commissions Open

Posted by FaustianBARgain - 3 days ago


Alongside my commission info I'll be relaying my schedule for uploads too.

  • Until recently I was uploading every two days to keep consistency and frequent uploads. For the most part it was doable but it was also a lot of pressure to try and keep that steady rate. So, now I'm uploading everything I do during the week on each Saturday. The end result on the amount of pieces per week shouldn't change, but it gives me additional liberty to work during the week without so many self imposed deadlines.

Commission info:

  • As stated the prices vary depending on what is actually asked, and the listed prices are there as a baseline. This goes for raising or decreasing the price all the same. For this evaluation I take into consideration the time it takes to complete the piece. This depends on the complexity and level of details, for example tricky clothes, tricky props or flat out tricky character designs.

  • For fanart, I often add my own spin to the original art style of the character while trying to maintain faithful to the original model.

  • If no background is specified I usually go with base color or stock background effects and will not charge you for it but if you want a specific environment, furniture, etc the price can vary, 15 euros being the baseline. Backgrounds are not my forté, so if you ask for a particularly tricky background you can expect the price to increase dramatically. The same applies to props or accessories, however these are often much easier to draw so while I will charge for it, it will be cheaper than adding a background.

  • I am up to negotiating prices. If, for example, your commission is a lineart drawing down the shoulders showing mostly the face, with the previous points considered, I'd be more than ok with dropping the price.

  • If you want your commission to remain private, just say the word. Conversely if you're ok with me posting your commission, but want to remain anonymous that's perfectly fine too. I have the habit of asking, but by standard practice, if nothing is said, I post the commission and tag the buyer. So if I forget to ask, which isn't likely, but in any case if I do, remind me.

  • If you want to repost your commission on other sites, you're more than free to do so, all I ask is that you tag my accounts.

The process:

  • Payment is done only after the initial sketching. At the start I will begin with a very rough sketch to work out the poses angles and whatnot. Once that is done and we're in agreement, I will send you a paypal invoice. Once I received the payment I will begin to work on a second draft.

  • Important to mention, communication is key. My process is comprised of phases and at the end of each I will be asking for feedback. This is to make sure the commission is finished as fast as possible and to make sure you are completely satisfied with your commission. To emphasize this point, I give priority to the commission work over my own projects, so lack of communication can set me back in more than on front.

  • Again, after each phase a screenshot will be sent for approval, if there's any change that you want tell me as early as possible, backtracking layers to change something that could have been changed much earlier is a huge pain the arse.

  • My steps are 0.Thumbnail for the angle and posing (undetailed sketch, sometimes just a stickman, sometimes some shapes with no features - it only serves purpose of guideline for composition, not the accurate proportions of the character) - I wait for the payment - then I do 1.Sketch (more detailed, preliminary expressions, proportions become more accurate, but still rough), 2.Lineart (I can do multiple sketches before actually getting to the lineart as this is the final clean linework to be used in the draw), 3.Flat Colors then only step left is 4.Shading/Finalize. I wait for a final approval before uploading it to make sure all’s good.

I will draw:

  • Any characters (fanart, OCs, fan characters, personas, etc)
  • Any species (anthro, human, monster girls, fantasy races, etc)
  • Nearly any themes (sfw, chibis, lewd/pinups, nsfw,- best to ask!)

My Shit:

  • Cute girls
  • Messy/drooly/ahegao/intense expressions in general (Ahegao is my realest shit tbh)
  • Animal/monster girls features (horns, pointy ears, sclera eyes, weird pupils, skin marking, tails, animal ears, etc)
  • Tongues
  • Restraints/Bondage
  • Humiliation/Domination
  • Feetsies (not into it in a fetish way, feet are hard af to draw, but it helps me practice! It's a love hate relationship tbh)

No-No/Won't Draw:

  • Vore
  • Mechanical things (Gundams, Mechas, etc.)
  • SSBBW & Hyper Kinks
  • Diaper shit
  • Public Figures

Honestly, it’s best to just flat out ask me.

This has been my intro to my commission work, feel free to hit me up if you have any doubts.

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- Faust